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When all resources seemed exhausted we fortunately found Austin who provide a much needed helping hand for my teenage daughter. It’s a tough age and my daughters feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and anger overwhelmed her at times. Austin was able to give us with a sense of calm, and gave her guidance and a non judgemental avenue to express her feelings and emotions. Just knowing that Austin was there for a weekly session gave opportunities to cover many issues which arose.
We’re better for it and we shall be eternally grateful for Austin’s support.
J, April 2014


After being guided through the 12 steps of recovery and got some sobriety, life started to kick in and emotions and deep feelings came up that I struggled with around family, work and more importantly about myself. Austin has helped put new meaning in my life. By being non-judgemental and understanding, he looked at various aspects in my life therapeutically. He motivated me in personal growth to overcome my fears, and with his positivity, I have put action in to get through these difficult times.
F, March 2014


Hi Oz since you have been working with me through my recovery, you have helped me see situations and events in my life from a different perspective , I was very negative and lived my life in my old thinking , which led to a lot of isolation and not challenging myself, which then led to low self esteem and depression, I feel I have grown as a person and am continually growing with the help of inventory and sharing my fears and sometimes unrealistic expectations I set for myself and other people!

You help me understand and sort through the stuff that holds me back being the person I want to be, so now I have the belief to challenge myself  and that’s where my growth comes from. I also admire your actions and living experience which gives me something to aim for.

I know words can sometimes be cheap but with total sincerity, I am very grateful for the time you have given me.
My relationship, finances and health were clearly suffering but I just denied this to myself and others. The day finally came when I could not go on and I had to get help. I reached out to for someone who had been there and understood. They knew how I felt and I was able to trust them. Slowly I have rebuilt areas of my life that were falling apart. I got honest and am now getting better.
R, March 2014

When I was faced with the reality of stopping drinking, the fear kicked in and I felt like my world would end. Now I can honestly say my life has become so much better in so many ways! I have purpose, meaning, energy and a better sex life. my career has changed and I have better relationships with the people in my life!
J, September 2013


After many years of being crippled by my fear of heights, I made a decision something had to be done!  After just one exposure therapy session, I was able to be taken up in a cherry picker to full height, with little fear! I found Austin’s approach gentle and reassuring throughout and as a result actually began to enjoy the experience,  I am a gardener by trade and have turned away work in the past if it involved any ladder work.  I am now able to take these jobs on with confidence, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the new freedom I have found.  A big thank you Austin!
Emma 2013