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Jan 21

Retreat time!

Our retreat to the Marist centre in Nympsphield is approaching and i look forward to relaxing meditations, meeting new friends and of course enjoying the amazing food! if you are interested in attending and learning about meditation, inventory processes celebrating individual talent and generally having some down time then please contact me. we have […]

Jan 21

India tour 2018

During a recent trip to India my partner and i sat chatting to the owner of hotel who had followed his dream and escaped the cooperate world in Mumbai. His dream was to provide safari trips to tourists who wished to see wildlife in its natural habitat and mainly those who wanted to see TIGERS. […]

Apr 17

Sex addiction

I was chatting to a man this week about Sex addiction. His opinion was that sex is natural and if you want to have it, and you can find a partner who is willing then go for it. I tried to explain and educate him a little on the difficulties that sex addiction can cause. […]

Sep 15

Training and workshops

Over the last two weeks I have had the privilege of attending a couple of workshops facilitated by a guy called Phil pearl who is the owner of Mental Toughness Life Consultancy in Harley Street. Phil provides personal and executive coaching, training and clinical hypnotherapy. His approach is based on Existential Philosophy and Psychotherapy also […]

Jun 27

Exposure Therapy

Today I met Emma who had a Phobia of heights and we agreed to practice Exposure Therapy to help her try and overcome it.                 This is Emma and as she entered the cage of the cherry picker you can see she is not looking confident,relaxed or happy. […]